Romantic Psychologies and Literature is the course blog for ENG290h-01, honors literature in the Spring 2014 semester taught by Dr. James Rovira. This course focuses on significant literary and philosophical texts that address how the human mind understands itself in relationship to a larger world. Texts studied will reflect a variety of perspectives, genres, and traditions from Plato to the English Romantics and Kierkegaard.   Students will examine authors such as Plato, John Locke, William Blake, and Søren Kierkegaard in addition to selections from your instructor’s book, Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety that places your readings of Plato, Blake, and Kierkegaard within their historical contexts. Because this course fills requirements for ENG142, this course will also teach research writing.

This reading will support your study of literature by presenting a range of authors, genres, and periods from around the world.  Readings in Peter Barry’s Beginning Theory are intended to present interpretive apparatus from a variety of theoretical schools that have been informed by and that respond to some of the literature that you will be reading in this class. Your Writing Matters text is an important writing resource intended to help you develop research writing skills.

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